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Clinical Services

Child & Adolescent Psychology

Anxiety and Depression 

Behavioural Difficulties

Grief and Loss Issues

Kindy/School-Based Issues

Self-esteem and identity

Peer relationship difficulties

Early childhood developmental issues

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Family Psychology

Family therapy

Adjustment to parenthood

Parenting support

Family conflict support

Parental separation support/Co-Parenting

Behavioural support

Family changes

Supporting a family member with a diagnosis

Adult Focused Psychology

Depression and Anxiety Support

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Grief and Loss Issues

Holistic health management

Self-esteem difficulties

Relationship difficulties

Parental wellbeing support

Pre/Post-Natal Support

Professional Services

I also offer professional supervision and training opportunities for those in the community. I enjoy sharing my passion for the field of psychology and offer services including:

  • Clinical endorsement supervision for Clinical Psychology Registrars
  • Professional supervision for psychologists/health workers for ongoing CPD
  • Group supervision for workplaces
  • In-service and training for workplaces for topics relating to my clinical expertise
  • Training programs within schools for students, teachers and/or parents regarding topics including social-emotional wellbeing, resilience, parenting skills and behaviours to name just a few examples.

Feel free to touch base with me should you wish to discuss my professional services in more detail. 

Fees and Rebates Explained

Medicare rebates can be obtained for clinical difficulties via a GP referred mental health plan via the Better Access Scheme. Individuals are able to obtain up to 10 sessions per calendar year with a Medicare rebate of $137 per session. Telehealth video/phone call is also offered. Unfortunately I am not a BULK-BILLING Psychologist and my services incorporate an out of pocket expense.  S


Current session fees reviewed as of October 2023 (prior to rebates).

(Note: These fees remain subject to review)

  • 1 hour session standard clinical consultation: $250
  • 1 hour Telehealth video/phone consultation: $250
  • 1 hour Family/Couple clinical consultation: $250 (extended time at additional cost can be negotiated)
  • 50 min NDIS support session: $250
  • DVA clinical consultation: $213.90 (no out pocket expense with a DVA referral)
  • 1 hour Clinical professional supervision: $200 (subject to additional GST)
  • Group/Team Supervision/Training In-service: Price to be negotiated
  • School observations/meetings/reports/stakeholder liaison: Price to be negotiated
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