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About Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes

Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes is a Clinical Psychologist and has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and families regarding a range of issues including parenting difficulties, grief and loss, behavioural problems, depression, anxiety, and social difficulties. Dr Rhiarne is particularly specialised in assisting children and adolescents with internalising difficulties, via creative Cognitive-Behavioural, Narrative, Solution-Focused and Experiential Therapy frameworks. Dr Rhiarne is a trained family psychologist, being able to assist families with complex and systemic issues. At times it is evident that a child or adolescent’s psychological difficulties are embedded in more family interaction patterns. Dr Rhiarne Pronk values being able to work with the larger family context via systemic approaches to ensure the most optimal treatment possible.


Dr Rhiarne's PhD thesis was focused on early adolescent's peer relationships, relational aggression and emotional wellbeing. Research findings have been published internationally and also presented at international academic conferences. She provides clinical support and strategies for children and adolescents who struggle with peer group dynamics and emotional difficulties that can occur.


Dr Rhiarne also has strong background in providing treatment to adults for difficulties such as postnatal support, anxiety, depression, stress-management, relationship struggles, parenting adjustment, parenting skills support, lifestyle management and self-esteem.Dr Rhiarne has a particular passion for mother-care support and empowerment. Her passion extends from the clinic room, also recently having commenced providing Mother support retreats in the Byron Bay region.


Dr Rhiarne has worked as a Psychologist for 20+ years in a variety of settings including Child Community Health, Lifeline Children’s Counselling Service, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy at Griffith University, Brisbane Catholic Education Guidance Counselling, and has worked in her own private practice since 2009. Dr Rhiarne has also conducted numerous children’s emotional support groups, provided training and education to the community as well as sessionally lectured at Griffith University. She also provides regular clinical supervision to fellow psychologists and other mental health professionals for their professional development/registration. Dr Rhiarne consults with external health agencies and providers, providing training and education. You may find some of her Podcasts and Videos available on Spotify and YouTube!


Clinical Psychology Medicare rebates are available for Dr Rhiarne's psychology services, and some limited after school hours appointments and onsite consultations are also available (e.g. school observations, teacher meetings). NDIS support can also provided by Dr Rhiarne for those on self-managed plans.

In May 2019, Dr Rhiarne and colleagues officially opened "The Family Wellbeing Hub" in Ashmore. This was many years in the making and it is wonderful to now see it come to life. It is a space for Gold Coast families to feel supported and cared for by a variety of collaborating health professionals. 

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